Terms and Conditions

WaterPrepared LLC, herein know simply by WaterPrepared, facilitates the manufacturing and/or distribution of emergency preparedness products including 160 gallon stackable water tanks. WaterPrepared reserves exclusive rights to the WaterPrepared trademark and/or WaterPrepared branded products.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to our business. WaterPrepared does not distribute or sell customer information acquired through any of its mediums including, but not limited to, data acquired through a purchase made on the website www.waterprepared.com, data acquired through information requests and emails, data acquired over the phone and or in person, etc.

Proper use when stacking WaterPrepared tanks:

WaterPrepared tanks can only be stacked two high. A stack of more than two tanks may be dangerous and is NOT allowed. A full tank should NEVER be stacked upon an empty, or a partly emptied tank. Tanks should only be stacked on a flat surface that is rated to hold over 2500 pounds. Fill bottom tank completely before filing top tank. Do not attempt to lift a tank with water in it as water can be extremely heavy. If any bulging happens in either tank, unstack the tank and use independently.

Shipping and Delivery:

WaterPrepared goes to great lengths to provide shipping at a reasonable rate and within a reasonable time. From time to time delays may occur as a result of facilitating the shipping of oversized products. WaterPrepared will exhort every effort to contact customers with updates of delayed shipments and backordered products. Certain locations may not facilitate delivery due to the size of the package, any customer living in such areas will be required to facilitate delivery from the nearest reasonable delivery point. Please contact WaterPrepared with any concerns of delivery.

Your signature at the time of delivery constitutes acceptance of the product as delivered in good condition. Please inspect all products completely prior to accepting delivery. If the packing slip is signed without specifying damages or missing products, WaterPrepared cannot be responsible for collection of claims or replacement of merchandise.

Return Policy

WaterPrepared will provide a full refund for any tank cancelled within 24 hours of being ordered. A 20% restocking fee will be charged for any tank returned after 24 hours of the order being placed. Customers are responsible for freight costs on any returned item. Items damaged after delivery will not be accepted for return. Damages that incur during shipping are the responsibility of the shipper and should not be accepted for delivery. Please inspect tanks thoroughly before accepting a tank for delivery.

One Year Limited Warranty

WaterPrepared LLC, here in know simply by WaterPrepared, provides a one year product warranty on all 160 gallon water tanks. Should a tank be found defective within one year of the manufacture date, WaterPrepared will replace the tank with a tank of equal value. Proper installation is required for WaterPrepared tanks to be covered under this warranty. This warranty is limited to the tank itself and does not include accessories, delivery, installation, or removal of the tank. Stripped fittings as a result of improper installation are not covered under warranty but may be replaced at the discretion of WaterPrepared.

If a tank is believed to be defective, contact WaterPrepared immediately. WaterPrepared reserves the right to question proper installation and request pictures of the defect if necessary. If documentation of the defect cannot be provided, the customer will be responsible for the cost of replacement until WaterPrepared can verify that a defect is found. WaterPrepared reserves the right to fix any defect at the place of installment prior to providing a replacement.

Limited Liability

WaterPrepared is in the business of selling stackable Water Tanks. WaterPrepared will not be held liable for any damages resulting from improper use of WaterPrepared products. WaterPrepared may suggest emergency preparedness practices based on common practices, experience, 3rd party research from organizations such as FEMA and other emergency preparedness groups, and other non-professional sources. Suggested practices may or may not be suggested based on quantitative research and should be considered only as examples of optional practices. WaterPrepared will not be held liable for any damges resulting from the implementation of any practices suggested on the website or by WaterPrepared representatives.

In addition to the statements above, WaterPrepared is NOT liable for any of the following:

  1. Tanks stacked more than two units high.
  2. Fallen tanks due to earthquakes or other unpredictable disasters.
  3. Improper installation (see installation link).
  4. Tanks penetrated by an outside force.
  5. Tanks cracked from freezing or expansion.
  6. Flooding caused by any of the reasons listed above.
  7. The quality of water placed in tanks.
  8. Water that has spoiled for any reason.
  9. Leaks caused by installation of auxiliary valves or connections.
  10. Flooding caused by over filling.
  11. Starvation because you purchased tanks and never filled them up!

For questions or concern please contact WaterPrepared at 888-252-6522.



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