How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Bullets or Something Else?

It’s finally happened. Suddenly here they come, their faces grotesque and rotted away like an episode of “The Walking Dead” come to life. A mindless hungry mass, they lurch forward drunkenly as you make a break for the underground bunker equipped years ago for this very eventuality, shepherding your family before you and feeling very buff and prepared, high on the rush of adrenaline. Locking the metal doors behind you, you look into the eyes of your wife and two children, already forming a game plan that will ensure your survival against the zombie apocalypse. You have a rifle for yourself, and a .45 caliber pistol for your wife, complete with a combined 20K rounds of ammo. You’re ready for anything… until you hear those inevitable words, “Mom, I’m hungry.” ‘Not to worry,’ you tell yourself, whipping out your store of canned goods, noticing as you do so the handful of old 2 liter bottles that serve as your water supply. ‘How long will those last?’ you wonder, a new worry surfacing in your survival scenario.

The sad truth is that they won’t last very long. The CDC advises storing at least a three day, but preferably two week, water supply of one gallon per per son per day, which in the case of earthquakes, hurricanes, or the zombie apocalypse… may not be enough. It’s tempting sometimes to skimp a little because let’s face it (says your brain), your 7-year-old is not going to drink a whole gallon a day anyway, but it’s not all just for drinking.

Have you ever tried cooking dinner without milk because some undisclosed family member used the last of it on their cereal that morning? Now imagine that same moment in a concrete WWII bunker a midst brain-eating hordes of zombies, only now there’s no water. All those boxes of dehydrated foodstuffs, powdered milk, and top ramen seem to stare back at you and say sarcastically “Haha.” Panic begins to mount. ‘It won’t be all that bad,’ you tell yourself. Maybe the epidemic is localized. It’s just a flock of zombies passing through, after which you will take your trusty 12 gauge, a backpack of ammo and head to your nearest looted 7-11 to pick up some remaining supplies.

And what about that nasty cut on your daughter’s leg that needs washing? Because if your future looks anything like every zombie movie ever made, clean water could be the only thing standing between your family and bacterial infection, parasites, hepatitis, gangrene… not to mention foot fungus, or clean clothes to name a few.

Of course there are always other ways to get useable water. If you happen to have a river or natural water spring nearby, then you’re in luck, but if not there’s always salvaging from your home’s water heater tank, draining liquid off all of those canned fruits and vegetables, or getting drinkable water from toilet tanks…

I’m sure that in the larger picture a stockpile of ammunition was the wiser choice since you can now hunt your own food, fend off the undead etc. Never mind that your 12-year-old son was doing a pretty good job of it with your college baseball bat because your version is long-range and much cooler. Anyway… you can buy Aquafina for a few bucks at Walmart so it’s not as if you need to stress about stockpiling it right now… probably.

So when all was said and done, for you it came down to this choice… a few more thousand rounds of ammo in your family storage vs. drinking toilet tank water. Obvious, right?

Or you could just keep an up-to-date water supply- it’s worth every penny.

On that note, you should know that WaterPrepared water tanks are BPA free, stackable, and made from FDA approved plastic. Holding 160 gallons of pure drinking water supply, they are much easier to maintain, can be filled with a hose, and their sleek design means that they fit comfortably anywhere – even underground emergency bunkers.



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