California Running Out Of Water… Now

I really don’t like relaying bad news, especially when it’s nobody’s fault and beyond anyone’s control.

That’s why the news lately is all the more alarming. It’s about the drought. You may know that California residents are in the midst of what is now certainly a critical water emergency.

Lynn Ingram, professor of paleoclimatology at UC Berkeley said that this may be the worst drought since the 1500’s and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences agrees, reporting that the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years. Dr. Ingram says that it could last several decades. In other words, it isn’t likely to improve. It likely to only get worse.

Almost a year ago Gov. Jerry Brown called for a voluntary 20% reduction in water usage, but it seems to no avail.

Now some 17 Bay area communities could run out of water.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that every single household can do something to help themselves right now. They can store extra water now.

At WaterPrepared, our mission is to see that every individual, family and household in America is not just prepared for emergencies, but is water prepared. Increasingly, pure fresh water, suitable for human consumption, is an increasingly scarce commodity. Water is life. Drought is death.

Sure, rationing is a serious conservation measure and will delay running out completely. California officials are already deciding that.

Sure, water can be shipped in from expensive desalinization plants. Officials are already planning that.

Sure, drivers can truck bottled water to you in an extended crisis, adding gas and delivery charges to the cost of nature’s most precious resource. Nothing could prepare residents for that.

See, I start asking questions when I read about stuff like that. Questions like;

* How much can be shipped at a time?

* In a single day?For how many people? In what areas?

* What are the chances we will actually have enough if we relied on this manner for our families?

I have a wife and kids, in-laws, unmarried siblings and then some to take care of. Not having access to basic necessities is a serious concern for me. California isn’t the only state in a water crisis, they are just in a bigger crisis.

And this is without any kind of natural or catastrophic disaster, the like which we saw recently in the chemical spill in West Virginia: Unexpected, catastrophic, far reaching and worse than initially reported (it always seems to be worse they we are told).

The only plan the government has is to ask you to voluntarily use less. There is no plan for filling up the reservoirs other than waiting. How could there be!

This is exactly why we started WaterPrepared.

The WaterPrepared Emergency Water Tank is your best bet and easiest to use solution to a water crisis. These tanks are stackable, and they fit through an ordinary door, while still holding 160 gallons each!

Water Prepared makes it easy for you to store water now for your family. If the day does come when water rationing arrives, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have some in reserve.

If the day does come when the only way to get water is to ship it in by truck, as they have to in some small towns in West Virginia even now, you and your family will have your reserve. In other words, you won’t be paying extra for tiny amounts of bottled water in an emergency.

It is what preparedness is all about.

Finally, have you thought about what would actually happen if communities could not get water in time?

Would populations be evacuated, creating American refugees?

Would communities be abandoned as families move to water rich areas for survival?

We’re talking about the shifting of entire populations in almost no time. Now that’s a crisis.

Why wait to find out? Get your family water prepared. Call us today and have your tanks filled before it gets worse. Water emergencies have come to America.

Water is life. Drought is death.

Are you water prepared today? Will you be tomorrow?

Call (888) 252-6522 now, and get water prepared.





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