28 Billion Reasons

Did you know that Americans bought 28 billion – that’s billion with a ‘b’ – bottles of water in 2013?

Twice as costly as gasoline and up to 1,000 times more costly than tap water (and it usually just comes out of the tap anyway) bottled water is, what the Dean of a private business college called ‘the greatest marketing scam in human history.’ Yet you can find bottled water in every grocery store, gas station and convenience store in America. One would be shocked not to find bottled water for purchase almost everywhere.

That puts a different spin on preparedness for me.

I can, and do, purchase bottled water myself, and have some extra ‘just in case.’ It’s easy, available and only adds a few dollars to my run to the store.

But what am I really doing?

Why You’re Wasting Your Money

I’m blowing my money, that’s what. I’m paying up to 1,000 times more for a perceived convenience! And it is only perceived. I have fresh water running from my tap every day at home at a tiny fraction of the price!

Knowledge is power. It is a saying so old the original saying is Latin! (scientia est potentia, for you wannabe Latin buffs out there) Armed with this knowledge, I have curtailed my bottled water purchases opting instead for a few more financially sound alternatives.

For work, play, or travel, I use a plastic cup with screw on lid and a ‘permanent’ straw. Easy to use, easy to refill and I can take it with me as easily as a bottle. I will also note, it stays in the cupholder of my truck much more securely than a bottle and I don’t have to unscrew the top to get a drink. Making it the preferred travel solution to a regular drink. Adding ice is easy, holds more and lasts longer anyway.

For home long-term water storage, I’ve decided that yes, indeed, larger tanks are the best deal. They seem to cost more, but actually cost much less per gallon than any other solution.

What Emergency Water Storage?

In an emergency, sure I’ll use whatever I have to, but when I have the choice, already having a large amount of water safely stored and readily available at my home is without a doubt the best, most economical solution for emergency water storage. Larger tanks make the best long term storage solution for any survivalist, prepper, or frankly any home dweller concerned about water preparedness.

So I say to bottled water ‘goodbye and good riddance. I’ve given you enough of my money.’

In an emergency, bottled water is life, IF there is no other water. Someone is making several mints with of cash, and more with every disaster, because the one thing everyone knows is water is life and must be brought to survivors. They have enough money, without adding mine to it.

It is certainly better for the environment if I avoid bottled water as much as possible as there are fewer bottles clogging up landfills, but the real consideration for me is financial. It is cheaper; sometimes 1,000 times cheaper to use water from the tap at home.

Do you need a good reason to be frugal? Do you want to avoid being ‘penny wise, but pound foolish?’

When I need a reason to use an emergency water storage tank for my water preparedness, I remember 28 billion.

How many reasons do you need?



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